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RightHand Side Indicator stops working


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HI all,

This is my first post.  I have a 58 Reg Ford C Max 1.6 petrol (not the newer model, just the face lift one), recently I've noticed that my RHS indicator has stopped working at various times, what I mean by this is that the dashboard indicator does not flash, there is no relay click and no lights on outside (front/side or rear on the right hand side).  When this happens the LHS indicator works and so does the hazards work (RHS front, side and rear all work when hazards is pressed).

The issue is intermittent and it "fixes" it self after a while seemingly when trying to indicate Right on and off a few times, clicking hazards, it will come back on and stay working. When working/or fixed it self, it flashes and clicks at the same rate as the other side and all seems normal.

As this is one of those horrible intermittent issues (until it gets alot worse). Does anyone have any suggestions on what it might be ? 

My logic is that as the fault is only 1 side & only when indicating that way it is 100% NOT the hazard switch.
As it sometimes works & sometimes doesn't & when it doesn't a few switch operations gets it going again it is 100% the switch or wiring for that side only.

a quick eBay search shows the stalk is not expensive, what I cannot work out is how to remove the indicator stalk, I've got the upper surround off and can see the stalk but there is no obvious way, i will try and remove the bottom surround and see if that gives clues. I don't want to remove the steering wheel if I have too.

There is no youtube video for this model, only earlier focus/cmax's which have a simple clip to release the indicator stalk, which mine does not have.

I would like to try and replace the stalk first before going to a garage.




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