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Little pulls in my Ford Fiesta ?


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Hi everyone!

Since last week, i send my car to Ford for the oil replacement and as i use bluefin, i switched to the stock map just incase. Everything fine, apparently... coz when i switched to my bluefin remap, the car when you press for gas, would give little pulls, like loosing power, speeding, but all the time with small pulls...making it vibrate, like jumpy acceleration. So, after this i sent it 3 times to Ford, to find out, and first they thought it was one of the spark plugs, so the replaced all three of them and now the pulls are very rare but stills keep doing them. Specially when im in a high gear (like 4 o 5) and i need to speed, or in a climb way up. I really dont know what is wrong with it, not even ford can detect the problem...  A friend of mine is 100% sure that the ¿coil? ¿bobbin? is not working proper. Any helps? :(


EDIT: I forgot to mention that with bluefin map is a lot more obvious the pulls...and the driving experience is horrible!

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Sorry it might be getting a bit lost in translation.

the car was ok until you put the bluefin back on?,

when the car has gone back into ford has it had the bluefin map installed? Do they know you've changed the map?

could the car have had an update done which is now not compatible with the Blufin.

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Hi sorry for my english is not very good. 

The car is with pulls with and without bluefin. With bluefin it pulls more. Ford doesnt know i have remaped, i always remove bluefin when i take it to them. It would avoid my warranty! I also spoke with bluefin staff and said that it has to be something with the car, coz the map has been working perfectly before and nothing has changed the map. But ford cant figure out what part is wrong and that is making me go crazy. 

Thanks for replying!

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So finally Ford got with the problem. My friend was right, it was the ignition coil. Im posting it in case it happens to somebody else it might help!

Thanks MarkST :D

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