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Obd port part number


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Hi all I just wanted to know if any knew if ford do a obd port protector and if so does anyone know the part number cause my local ford say that don't but I've seen otherwise.



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Holy poo, that's a lot of money for a lock!  And I ought to know - I used to be a locksmith!


This sort of thing should be fitted standard, or at least a trim level option.  You don't have to ask for locks on the door or ignition to stop thieves, so as technology advances and OBDs become a target, so should the standard security.

I understand that it's worth it compared to the cost of a stolen car, but that's just taking advantage of you.  I intend to cut the wires of mine to make a custom connector.  Leave the OBD in the house and just plug it in when needed.  Perhaps a bit risky for those not comfortable with a soldering iron and a possible sticking point if you break down and AA needs to read codes...

I just made myself LOL thinking of a car thief's face when he busts my window and finds a SCART socket where the obd should be! Can't nick it, but he can plug his gangsta Playstation in... aaaahahahaha.

@Philf1 has got some protection on his, it would be remiss to ask exactly what for obvious reasons, but he might be able to point you in a rough direction.

The other alternative is to unclip the port and just tuck it behind the dash in as difficult place to reach from the drivers window as possible.  If a thief can't find your OBD within a few seconds, he's probably not going to hang around while your alarm is going off...

Sorry I can't be more help.

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TVL is trade vehicle locks, have a look on their site but, they won't have a specific focus one, the one for the fiesta might be able to be modded.


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That bit of kit looks great (if they did one for the mk1 I'd have one.

On the other hand fit a dummy one with the correct wire colours that are all running 12v! That should nicely fry there equipment which will also stop them moving on to the next car!! 😈

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