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Ford Focus 1.0 EcoBoost Burning Oil Smell

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Hello Everyone, wonder if anybody can help me with this.

My dad has bought himself a 2016 Ford Focus 1.0 EcoBoost, which is running well, apart from one thing. If driven for a very long time / or very quickly a smell of burning oil is noticed when you get out of the car.

He has been back to the dealer, who claims that there is nothing wrong with the car and it "must be the way he's been driving it". Personally I don't believe them. It's happened when I've driven the car (and I'm not the fastest of drivers!).

Dad does have a mechanic friend, who thinks that the problem may be gearbox oil dripping onto the exaust pipework. Mechanic friend has had the car over his pit and has taken a photo of the section of the exaust pipework where the oil was spotted (Photo included in this post).

One thing I have noticed (I am not an expert on engines, please forgive me) is that there is a narrow - bore pipe that runs from the coolant bottle over to the turbo. This pipe was stuck to a larger pipe that I assume has something to do with airflow into the engine. The smaller pipe is no longer stuck to the bigger one. Could this pipe be leaking something onto the exaust?

If anyone can give me any pointers / advice on what could be happening here (and even if there's an easy fix) I'd appreciate it.



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Evening Tim,

Did your Dad get to the bottom of this problem?  I have the same thing happening on my 1.0 ecoboost Focus which just so happens to be a 2016 model aswell!   I think the smell is like coolant, a bit like strong celery if that makes sense.

Be great if you can let me know as I have the car booked in at the garage having only owned it a week !

Kind regards

Steve (Hull)

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