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new ford owner needs help


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hi everyone am new to the forum and am in need of loads of help

bought a cheap mk6 fiesta zetec s for my first car but its riddled with problems was hoping you guys could offer some advice on how to fix it' 

1. rear passanger wheel is bent in at the bottom the axel looks straight and their is no cracks could this be the stub axle?

2 the front passanger side wheel is the opposite so its pushed in at the top of the arch towards the engine. had it on a ramp bushes are fine track road ends and wish bone all look good garage have said it could be the power steering rack is this true or are they trying to pull my pants down with a expensive fix?bigcry.gif

3.engine has a ruff idle and idles high on start up then drops to 850 rpm have replaced coil pack and ht leads found a split vac hose from the pcv to manifold replaced that but still no joy.

4. theirs a sensor missing off one of the pipes deep down in the engine bay same side as the battery their is a port for it to plug into but no pug and two wires are stickingout of the harness that look like its been cut.

5. front seat tilt mechs wont work on both seats the cables are not broken the mech moves so till it hits the catch then wont dissengage, is this an easy fix?

any help or advice on any of these problems would be greatly appriciated

thanks guys




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