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Turbo uderboost help


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I have a Ford Focus MK2 1.6 TDCI suffering from Turbo Underboost. (no Engine Management Light)

It will run fine with plenty of boost when first started but if i go uphill and plant my foot to the floor after around 10 seconds i have almost no boost pressure left (6-8 PSI). Also if i am on the flat i can put my foot flat to the floor but if i hold it for more than 10-20 seconds i loose most boost again. If i turn the car off and on again my boost pressure will be back until the same happens.

I have checked
1. All pipes for air leaks.
2. changed MAF sensor and Intake Temp sensor
3. boost control valve 
4. actuator is holding pressure

Do you have any advice on what to check next or should i be looking at a new turbo?

Thanks in advance

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