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What type connector is this.


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I have got a topic running on my reverse camera on my fiesta but want to know the name/type of connector this is (Green one) and

also is there a joiner i can put onto it so i have either just the wires or the red/white ends to use a cheaper camera if needed and if it will work.

The wire is for the picture for the camera as the live feed and earth is the black connector above it.


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As above Fakra. You can reuse the old connectors by splicing into the wires under the shroud and also with the other wires in the black plug. If you buy new you would have to figure out the pin layout and be handy with a soldering iron.

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Cheers,what a name so i will have to split the thing up as didn't want to mess with it in that way like buy a connector to slot in.

Cheers again.

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