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Fiesta Auto Gearbox

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Evening all, purchased a 09 fiesta auto 1.4 duratec, full ford history, very pleased. Only question is at lights, it continues to pull with the brake pressed. Once today (driven 120 miles), it "clicked"  when i released the brake it then moved forward. Is there something that tells the car its stopped and cuts the drive?

Thanks in advance

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Putting it in park? Are you using the footbrake or handbrake?

Auto boxes (dependent on how they're set up) use fluid transfer or a physical automatic clutch setup - i'm not sure what setup the Fiesta 1.4 boxes have. They will basically try and put torque through regardless of pressing on the brake (and on a fluid model, would not cause any damage to the gearbox, not sure about the auto clutch models).

My relatives Meriva has a gearbox with (i believe, automatic clutches), and you need to put it into Park to stop it feeling like it's "pulling".

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Thanks for this this, I am pressing the foot brake when stopped and that's when it still feels like it's pulling (well, it doesn't move but it's dragging the clutch). I ha a corsa before and at a stop when you pressed footbrake it used to cut the drive somehow and when I released the brake you'd hear a little click and then it would engage and roll forward. Fiesta just instantly starts moving. Both cars have auto transmission fluid so assumed it would be the same for both cars 

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