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Reverse camera on fiesta Blue screen off and on.


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I have put a topic in the fiesta page but i think in one way i know the problem but how to solve it,its a rear-view-mirror one.

Its a genuine ford camera and i get blue screen then nothing,tested all connectors in tailgate and cleaned and the same but i tried something.

Heated the camera up with a hair dryer just warm and left it a while and it came on but like water dots on the picture,this is the second camera in

3 years on this car and it never gets sprayed with hose just wiped but its a sealed unit,any help would be great either to dry it of solve it,picture below.


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Just 100% confirm its wet/damp inside and is a very common fault on reverse cameras on any car as asked a few dealers.

Tried this morning and after 3 attempts worked fine so now its take it out and dry it and wrap something round it to stop water getting in

just to make it that bit better,can only try.

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