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Bluetooth problems on Mk4 Sony DAB


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Hello all,  I've got this weird problem with my Mk4 2013 Mondeo's bluetooth/handsfree.  It was working fine until recently when the Converse+ screen shows the "Phone Audio Muted" message and I cannot transfer the sound (music or calls) from Phone to Car.  I tried unplugging the F43 fuse which is for audio system for 30 minutes or so but no luck. I've discovered that though my car has a SONY DAB, there is no fuse in the Read Fuse box as the Manual says - possibly it has a different name.  As a result of this issue I'm unable to use the phone in the car and I really don't want to spend £700 to £800 to replace the audio unit due to a possible software flaw.  Any suggestions anyone please?   Oh by the way, I tried pressing and holding power button down for 15 seconds - it just resets the volume etc I think.



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This sounds like the PTA (phone mute) on the radio conncetor is pulled to GND, so the radio thinks an aftermarket phone kit is active. As this serves no real function when there is no kit using it, I'd cut back and tape that lead, or pull the terminal from the radio connector.

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