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Mk6 Escort Van - Bodykit


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Hi There

Have a 2002 1.8 TD Escort Van that I have been cleaning up this last while and was wanting to fit a bodykit consisting of wheel arches & side skirts


Does anyone know (Before I buy) does a mk3 OR mk4 RS turbo wheel arches & skirts fit a mk 6 escort van ?

Is there a kit out there for a MK6 van ?

I already have GTI side skirts that I plan to extend to fit the van but to cover up rust mainly and give the van a better stance was wanting to fit wheel arches along with matching skirts if possible

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Not sure about the arches. I'd sort the sills out before fitting the skirts though. It will only get a lot worse if you cover it up as it will become a water trap. You might be able to make the rs arches fit but will take a bit of work as you may have to reshape them. Or you could get cosworth front wings and quarter panels and fit them

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Alright Billy

Thanks for replying

The sills have been welded up already, rust proofed & painted - It's the rear arches that are rotten at the top on each side, I have removed the rot and filled the voids in with fibre glass resin and reshaped and finished off with isopon & painted so although they look good I'm sure the rust is already back on its way - Was wanting plastic arches to cover over the original metallic arches, will keep looking maybe try a Mk4 RS turbo wheel arch to see or a universal arch kit from Ebay

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