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Speaker adapters to replace door speakers in a Streetka


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Hi All

I have a set of brand new 165mm JVC Speakers sat doing nothing that I would like to fit into my wife's Streetka to replace the current stock door Speakers.

Can anyone tell me which adapter ring brackets I would need to fit them as I am looking at mk1 ford ka adapters as I assume they are the same Speakers in a streetka and a ka but there seems to be some variation in brackets available.

I am pretty sure the standard streetka speakers are 5x7's. 

Are the interior door panels the pop off type too on a streetka?

Any help from anyone who has done this job or better still a link to the correct adapters would be greatly appreciated.


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i replaced my Speakers with OEM again for a few £ as they sound sweet and the OEM head unit is superb

i think when you take the Speakers out the hole is bigger but i forget now.

door card pop off (buy some spares as they snap and be careful as some of the mounts are only glued onto the door card)

there is a screw in the door handle

this revels a screw behind

there is a screw under the door storage area



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Thanks JJ I shall give that a try I was wondering how the door cards come off.   I have got some plastic trim removal tools so hopefully I can get it off the door with no damage. 

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On 8/6/2017 at 4:58 PM, marco.da.man said:

hi mate

if you tilt the seats forward you will find two area's for i believe to fit rear 6 x 9 speakers as an extra, the connectors should also be there. i believe these could easily be adapted to fit after market ones also

Oooo found by accident will look into this myself. Thank you!

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