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Car Alarm started to go off


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Had a first few months of ownership, has been great, bought in March . But this month, the car alarm has started going off, initially once, thought it was nothing, but last night (and it only seems to happen at night) it went off 4 times, I'm away on holiday with the family and I can see the neighbours in the cottages getting the right hump.


Any suggestions? I'm thinking, electrical short or water leak on to electrics, it was heavy rain and big puddles yesterday. But haven't a clue where to look.


I did have a detachable tow bar fitted by ford, back end of June, could be that the cables aren't correctly waterproofed?


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Try turning off the interior sensors tonight when you lock the car up. It could be something really simple like a fly or spider in the car setting it off. It's pretty common so try to eliminate that first.

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Thanks folks,

So far the weather has been dry and the car alarm has behaved itself. So still don't know what triggered it. But I'm still edging towards an electrical connection that lets water in.

So I think I'll be heading to Ford's when I'm back off vacation

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I have owned the Ford Edge for 3 months now and love the car. I have the same issue with the car alarm sounding at odd times but always when it has been raining ( we have had such a long dry spell here in the South that we wouldn't have noticed the issue ). I have put the vehicle on reduced guard but again the alarm has gone off in wet weather. I think I will be visiting the Ford Dealer.

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