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A Friend of mine has tried to fix my car and instead broken it! 

I am trying to find out what part is in the picture.. it looks like a plastic fuel sensor or junction? Something definatly plugs into it and other fuel pipes. 

He has broken one of the nipple's of so I need to get a replacement part.

It's on a 1.6 tdci 09 plate car. 

Any help is really appreciated.


I've bought hayne's book but it isn't listed in there (or I can't see it anyway)


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I'm 99.9% sure it's part of the leak off system.

The broken piece is only available as part of the full fuel hose assembly.

If you can P/M me your VIN I can search Microcat more thoroughly for you and get the part (Finis) code and likely price for you.

Hope your mate is paying (he flamin' well should) as it may be up to £130 for the kit.


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