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Upgrading basic Ford Fiesta radio


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Hi everyone,

Completely new here as just bought a 14 plate Fiesta a few weeks ago.

The car is a pretty basic model, to the point where it doesn't have bluetooth connectivity, or, as far as I can tell, any real version of Ford SYNC.

I'm therefore trying to listen to music on my iPhone through USB, however something between iOS, Spotify and Ford means the tracks keep skipping after one or two seconds of playing. I've spoken to both Ford and Spotify and neither have been helpful. To get around this, I've bought an external bluetooth adapter, but it means I have no control over my music from the dash/steering wheel controls.

Im therefore wondering if it would be easier (or at all possible) to upgrade my Fiesta radio with a newer radio unit, hopefully one with inbuilt bluetooth and phone sync capabilities.

Does anyone know if it's possible to do this? Presumably my current setup wouldn't allow for incoming calls and hands free (assuming no mic etc) even if I could get Bluetooth enabled?

Any guidance would be really appreciated!


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