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Egr valve


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So I have a 02 1.4 petrol engine fiesta dose it have an egr valve and can they be deleted on these engines? Of so where can I get the blanking plate from? And had anyone done this before? I know on Diesel engines it's better on performance is this the case with a petrol engine?



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I'm sure in saying only diesels have an egr valve as this is designed to recirculate the nitrous oxide (which is produced from the combustion of diesel) back through the engine to reduce larger quantities of these harmful gases from being emitted. I have a mk6.5 fiesta with the 1.6 hdi engine and am planning on blanking the Egr valve. Diesels produce a lot of soot so blanking out the Egr valve will reduce the amount of soot from building up in the engine thus not losing power. Down side is that the car will emit more of these harmful gases. 

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Sorry about that, didn't think petrol have it. I did a search and I've only found things about the 1.4 diesel engines on the mk6 fiestas so I don't think the petrols would of had it but may need others knowledge. I don't see the benefits of blanking a egr in a petrol as petrol is more cleaner when burnt compared to diesel so there would be no / little carbon build up in the engine. The benefits from what I've read are:

-increased mpg 

-turbo spins up faster 

-reduction of carbon build up in the engine


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