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Seat Belt alarm issues

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Hi, the seat belt alarm on my ford fiesta beeps constantly even when both belts are being used, it's been happening for a few years on and off and is driving me insane, it happens for weeks on end and then all of a sudden won't happen for a few months. Typically when I bring it to a mechanic I can't recreate the problem. Has anyone had this problem?

The only way I can stop it when it's constantly bleeping is to turn on the indicator!



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Like Carl has said, surely there is a way to turn this feature off...

I don't actually have this feature but let's say you frequently travelled alone (with no front seat passenger) wouldn't the seat belt alarm continue to beep? [emoji102] Or is there something I'm missing?

Have you had a look in your manual to see if there's any info on disabling it?

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When it does it keep pressing the seatbelt release button on n off fast then put belt back on this stops it my friends had this n was a faulty sensor years ago.

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