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2007 fiesta 1.4tdci problems


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Morning All,

The wifes 2007 1.4tdci fiesta broke down 150miles from home on Sunday evening. 1st off, engine just cut out at 75mph in fast lane on M5 - managed to get across to hard shoulder. Turned key off, tried starting, started up, revved fine but came up with 'Engine System Fault' and an Amber Cog with and exclamation mark in the centre. Continued driving as had no breakdown cover. Engine was lumpy and losing power until it cut out and wouldnt start again.

Eventually got car back last night, plugged in laptop with FORscan software, a load of faults, cleared them and 1 kept coming back - P0652-60

Any help much appreciated.

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have you googled it. I did, it suggests it is something to do with a 5volt supply to something like a sensor  but everything I read was a bit generic and vague (I only looked for a few minutes)

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On the error you provided, googled it, and what you can also do is check the harness's for any corrosion or spots! Also use the oscilloscope of Forscan software to monitor the PCM sensors. Maybe you find some clues there!

Good luck !


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