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More help with led interior lighting please


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Hi all.

My original post on this topic...

...gone unanswered for a while.

Basically I followed the advice I had been given in the first post only to discover the wiring is different to the pic Stoney provided. I'm guessing its been rewired to some extent in the past. As you will see, all the wires are plain white. And there are two wires coming from the single connector instead of one in Stoneys pic, the on that was marked switched live.

So anyway I spliced into one of the wires with the led live. I left the ground connected to the stereo ground.

Replaced fuse and they are still on permanently.

What should I try next? Should I take led ground from stereo into the dome ground too?

Here is how it was before I started:


Here is after I connected led live to one of the wires going onto/coming out of (not sure, the original is going in as you can see and the two whites have been shoved in being bottom of metal connector) the single connector:


my work is the one with the blue butt connector.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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I connected to the blue/orange wire going into the single connector. This is supposed to be switched live. They are still on constantly! Also brought the ground from stereo up to dome. Same result. I will need to get a multi to figure this mess out!

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Ok, ok. Sorted.

I WAS connected to the switched live. But the ground must be connected to switched ground (black/yellow) for it to work with the doors or it just acts like its connected to constant live.

(Just like Stoney said, and like his diagram showed in the first place! 😄) 

There's me thinking ground could go to any old ground!

Thanks @Stoney871, good man.

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