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Mk 3 sync frozen


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Hello everyone 

So my dad has the pre-facelift estate. I think its a 2014. Not sure what sync it has (hasn't got the nice screen like mine) but its a titanium speck so has navigation and all that. Its a sony head unit. anyway the other day it froze and was stuck on a radio station. Volume worked but no response from any other buttons including the wheel buttons. I have tried every button to try and fix this and its not working, not even the voice command. Thinking it could be a fuse issue I removed the fuze for the head unit, which restarted it thinking this would do the trick. However it didn't work and now we are unable to turn even turn it on. So I found the fuse for the buttons themselves and that didn't solve the issue either. 

What is even more strange is the door lock button still works and the hazard still work, but anything to do with the infotainment system does not (apart from the volume)

So right now I am at a loss. I am thinking maybe removing the negative lead on the battery and forcing a reset but I do have my doubts about that. 


Any help would be much appreciate



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