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Adding DRL to C-max connected to "automatic" option on lights dial


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I have a C-max without DRL. Now, whenever I have my lights on "automatic" I have no lights during the day. I want to change that. But, I also want everything to work automatic. I can buy DRL's and a relay to automatically switch off the DRL when the xenon lights turn on. Only question is, how do I connect this? I have seen that there are a few fuses related to DRL (http://www.fordmanuals.org/page-867.html). But I'm not sure if these are wired by default and if so, which fuse to use. My target:

  • When lights are switched to automatic
  • When there is enough daylights NOT to enable my xenon headlamps
  • I want my drl to be on
  • When my xenon switches on automatically I want my drl to be off (for this I can use a relay).

What I want to connect:

  • I will connect the main power of the relay to a power output that is enabled or disabled by switching lights to automatic.
  • I want to connect 1 wire of this relay to the fuse of the xenon lamps, this will cause the drl to switch off when xenon is switched on automatically by the car
  • And of course the drl will be connected to the relay.

When I look into the fuse overview I find:

  • Daytime running lamps ignition supply to lighting control switch
  • daytime running lamps (parking lamps) - it would be nice if my drl could also function as parking lamps
  • Daytime running lamps

Who can tell me what fuses I can use?

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