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DLD Engine Problems


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Im having problems with a dld engine 

when driving it it just cuts out sometimes, Been told it is possibly the fuel pressure regulator

where is this in the engine and how hard is it to change 


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is there such thing as 2002 focus 1.6 diesel?  1.6 diesel started about 2005 I think.   I had a 1.6 diesel fiesta (2007) which started cutting out occasionally (particularly on sharp left bends oddly). I replaced the fuel filter and that fixed it (the fuel filter had been in there for about 120k miles which is well over the recommended mileage)

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15 hours ago, mobo said:

It's a 2006

You might want to update your profile details to show the right year and the engine as a 1.6 TDCI, it will help avoid confusion when asking for help.

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