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2006 Focus MK2 1.8 TDCI - Can't insert camshaft.

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Hello, we recently changed the timing belt of the car, and it went horribly wrong apparently without reason.

OId camshaft broke, so we are now changing it, though the brake vacuum pump seems stuck, but we can't insert the camshaft.

20170810_170739.thumb.jpg.e6708e02f8593e29b289cac662b15f3f.jpgIt's stuck there, so we think the camshaft broke because of it. That "piston" just doesn't move.

Pump is by WABCO, model 914 005 060 0

So, the question is: Is the pump actually stuck and broken and needs replacement, and could something else possibly be broken? Or it's not broke, but there's just a way to get it down to let the camshaft in?



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I cant be sure with out seeing it but it looks as if the cam follower is stuck up it may mean when you old camshaft broke the valves may have  it the piston top and bent hence the follower is up. If the  old timing belt was set up wrong then the valves will hit the pistons in a interference engine if yours is one of them  and bend the valves as you say it went horribly wrong. If that is the case its an engine strip down to asses the damage as the pistons and rods may be cracked as well and the head may have damage. Of course this is a worst case and may not be that but it looks a bit like it I  really do hope I am wrong Lets see what the experts on here think 

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