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Surprising diagnostic results! Cheap is best!


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Last week I put my £3 bluetooth dongle in my car and checked it with Torque app pro. Found 7 faults. None put alight up and they were for things like reverse not being selected and me trying to start the car with the transponder missing from the key.

Interestingly I did not clear the codes but plugged my diagnostic laptop in running Delphi. It only found 4 DTS codes.

I had already ordered a U450 just to keep in the glove-box. It arrived today so I tried it. No errors found.

Put the bluetooth dongle back in and re-run the diagnosis and it found 8 errors. Cleared them all at this stage.

So my non scientific diagnosis is that a £3 bluetooth dongle with the Torque Pro app is the way to go. 

Obviously it won't  do a DPF regeneration like Delphi but for general use its the tops.:wink:

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The immobiliser code pops up on mine infrequently, it may have something to do with the key being partially folded when starting the engine, or a brief interruption of signal. A lot of codes will only set if they are triggered multiple times or with the right conditions, and some may just occur with normal running of the car.

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Put a link up of the bluetooth dongle you use buddy, wouldn't mind getting one myself. Cheers

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4 hours ago, wilto said:

Put a link up of the Bluetooth dongle you use buddy, wouldn't mind getting one myself. Cheers

I have had mine a few years but this is the cheapest I could find that is the same:-


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