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Cause of Low boost problem identified. Turbo actuator

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Hi Chaps

2007 1.8 tdci focus

Following the kind guidance of you guys and the info available, I believe I have found the cause of my low boost fault code.

(I am not a mechanic!). After doing all the checks recommended I eventually found that there appears to be nothing attached to the turbo solenoid and using an endoscope )off ebay) I looked lower down at the turbo and found the lever for the waste gate? with noting attached.

So the next question is can I get a replacement arm (or make one) to effect a repair. All guidance appreciated.




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Just to close this out. I was lucky enough to get another actuator arm from an old turbo. \\\\once fitted the car is running perfectly. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\map now peaking at 240kpa and car very responsive.



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