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Hey ladies and gents.

I've got a Focus Zetec Climate mk2 (56 plate). Is there such a thing as standard wheel sizes on these? I had a bash on some raised ironworks on a road which has buggered one of my alloys and I'm having a bit of a mare trying to find a (cheap) replacement. Right now it's got 205/50r16s on it. Pretty much all I can find (second hand) are 205/55r16. 205/50 seems to be a bit of a weird size no? I'm guessing having one wheel 5mm wider than the rest would cause me a bit of bother. 

I've got a few options the way I see it. First question though, would it fit those extra 5mm? I'm guessing it would. If so, would I cause myself bother if I bought two of them and stuck them either at the front or the back (as I've seen two that match my current alloys for relatively cheap)? Or paying a bit more and getting a full set of 55mm width wheels, would that cause problems with the speed etc? 

Final option (which I'd rather avoid) just getting a new set of alloys (or steelies but lets be honest, we want alloys!) in the current size. 


Replies appreciated guys, wee bit clueless here

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On the Focus MK2 the prescribed/correct tyre size for 16 Inch wheels is 205-55-16.

205-50-16 is a pretty rare tyre size these days. 205-50-16 was the prescribed/correct tyre size for the focus MK1 with 16 Inch wheels. Tyres in this size are usually pretty expensive.


Personally I would avoid different tyre circumferences on the front and rear axle. This can cause ABS/ESP problems. 

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