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Still along the lines of"why is everything so hard on such a common car" Headlight adjustment.


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Shortly after buying my car I realised it had ODD eyes. One of the headlights is newer and aftermarket which lines up with the slight crease in the front bumper.:angry:

I could also feel a big gap underneath it and it wasn't sitting right. So I pulled it out to find it was sat on the top of its locating bracket instead of in it. So I put it back as it should be and the gap had gone.

BUT! some clown has set this light up as though it should have been on the top of its mount. Today I had my first opportunity to set this light up properly on my garage door. Popped the bonnet got a big hex key for "What looked like the adjuster"  and it did not move up and down. It may have moved sideways and then clicked like it was at full travel.

How do you adjust the light up and down and again why is it so ****** hard?:wacko:

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its best to get the lights done at a local garage that do mots as they will set them correct for you. have you got a headlight ajust button in car near foglight switch normally has numbers 0-5 on it , so it should be set to 0 

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Right got it! Another white plastic 7mm(sized just to be awkward) hex=head towards the wing from the other and about 8" down. You need a "T" bar wrench really. Sorted now. Only passed an MOT last month so I knew that one light was right and just set the other up the same.

But it shouldn't be this hard..............

Got all the annoying little jobs done now so I am going to set about that porous looking badly sprayed bonnet with Panther black and 2k lacquer.:wink:

Which it just so happens I already have as I sprayed my BMW bike with it 11 years ago.:yahoo:

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23 minutes ago, andypsp said:

how did car pass mot last month if headlight aim was incorrect, they normally adjust it while doing mot

The full headlight was sat on the top of its mounts and only held in place with the main screw. But worse than that it will have been a mechanic that set that light up totally wrong in the first place I bet.:biggrin: So when I fitted it properly it was then out,too low.

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I put some £1.99 Blue/white bulbs in and I only went out once to be flashed at three times so have gone back the the original bulbs for now.

I have just come in from setting up for tonight on my drive. Measured it all out in daylight with a tape measure as per this video using my path and a wall for a perfect alignment.

Will find out what is going on now for sure.:wink:


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