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Haunted focus


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Ok, so something quite odd just happened

Can't sleep so I got up to have a cig (bad habit i know) and when returning upstairs I notices a LED light was shining through the door window. I had a look out and I could only see the left hand side of my focus. My LED running / parking lights were on. Thinking I may have just left the switch on when leaving the car I grabbed my keys and opened the door. Only the left side was on. Thinking the worst about the price of those LEDS I quickly unlocked the car. Luckily and too my surprise the right hand side lit up when I unlocked the car. However, when I checked the light switch, it was set to off. Now I am really confused. Upon locking the car, all the lights went off. However I will check it again in an hour to see if this returns. 

Only had the car since June. Anyone have any ideas?


Thank you 



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Did you knock the indicator arm after turning off the engine?
On mine if you do so then there is a low beep sound and the DRL on whichever side you hit to will come on as a parking light.

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