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Driver side central locking and window fault


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Hi, wandering if I could get some help. Just bought a second hand focus, 2003 1.8 MP3 version.

Was a rush buy really as old car blew up on the motorway yesterday so didn't really have a brilliant check over.

We New the remote locking wasn't working on it but it locks both doors with key but doesn't work with the fob (was hoping to fix it) you press the lock button on fob and it does absolutely nothing on drivers side but passengers side it locks the instantly unlocks again..... bit weird.... any ideas on that?


Also the thing we didn't check is the driver side window doesn't work at all. Done the whole bang motor ect and yes the driver side switch does work the passenger window. 


I wasn't sure if the two was connected or not???

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Hi, it sounds like you may have a broken wire between the body and the door (very common fault) over years of opening and shutting the door the wires split and then snap. If you pull the rubber connector from the socket that goes in to the body of the car and pull it gently towards the door you'll see the wires. I'd look there first. Hope this helps.


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