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side lights


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Sounds more likely to be a resistance problem.

Have you got any LED Bulbs fitted in any sidelight or indicator circuit?

I had a similar problem on my previous car when I fitted LED sidelight bulbs, inline resistors or keeping standard bulbs somewhere in the system help.

I found that swapping all indicator bulbs for LED's will cause indicators to flash too fast (like when one bulb in the loop has failed) so recommend that anyone doing a full LED swap-out keep their side repeaters as regular bulbs.

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this can be caused by :

the combined tail light brake light bulb not being in holder properly so is is bridging the two terminals in the bottom of the bulb holder.

it could also be a negative earth fault on one of the rear lights so that the negative of the brake light earths back through the side light circuit causing it to light up (was very common problem on some cars in the past eg. Mk3 escorts which had very poor block connectors on the rear lamp units)

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