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06 1.8TDCi Engine system fault after service


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Hi all,

This is probably a common fault but I can't figure it out. I serviced the car last Monday (fuel, air and oil filters). When I started the car it gave an engine system fault and was low on power. I plugged out the electrical connection on the filter and plugged it back in again and the fault was gone but it came back on the Wednesday morning when I started the car to go to work. So Wednesday evening I had another look at the filter and it was a little bit different than the original. So I put the original back in until I got a new one but the fault was still there. So Thursday evening I put a proper Bosch filter in and tried to start it but still got the fault. A mechanic friend told me it's drawing in air from somewhere and the check the hose that comes off it for the seal. That looked ok but I put an O ring over the collar on top of the filter anyway just to get a bit more of a seal. I started the car and the fault was gone. brought it for a test drive and still ok but when I tried to start the car an hour later it stuttered and the fault came back. I left it overnight and when I tried it Friday morning it was fine. I even went on a 4 hour round trip on Saturday and still no problem... until Sunday evening when it stuttered again when I tried to start it and the fault came back. In fact, it also displayed a "power steering failure" error briefly but that went again. The problem persists this morning.

Has anyone else encountered the same symptoms and if so how did you resolve it?



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Starting with the easiest the power steering malfunction can display when you try to start the car multiple times, as to decrease the power in the battery.  Low voltage causes this error, but once you have good voltage at the better is should stay off. 

If you have a diagnostic tool see if you have any codes stored or pending in the PCM.  

Does the car your having issues with have MAF? Mass Air Flow.  It should be located near to the air filter housing. 

If it does disconnect it and see if the car will start you may need to press the accelerator to get it to not die. If it runs, then you have a faulty MAF, however before we go parts changing you need to make sure all the piping going from the author housing to the throttle body are secure and tight and have absolutely no holes or cuts. 

Get back to us with the codes and someone on here will help you. 

Take care


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I have been driving a few days with the MAF disconnected and you need to push the gas a little bit more. Also rolling down hills....sometimes the revs go to zero and you have to start the engine again when it is rolling.


Also check o2 sensor, not sure if diesel cars have them.

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