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New Ford Focus 2017 - Few questions


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  1. Is there a way to switch preset banks on DAB using the controls on the steering wheel? Seems a rather large oversight if not possible?
  2. What round town MPG should I be expecting? 
  3. What motorway MPG should I be expecting?
  4. What combined MPG should I be expecting?
  5. How many miles per tank should I be expecting. Its the 125PS 1.0 ST Line?
  6. What size in litres is the tank?
  7. Will sport ( automatic) mode guzzle juice?
  8. Are the gear change paddles just a gimmick or should I use them more often?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Risco,

1. My 2012 Focus has 2 banks of DAB presets and no, there is no way of switching banks on the steering wheel

2, 3 and 4 The Honest John real mpg gives the 1.0 125 Ecoboost Powershift at 38.5 average mpg

5. It's a 55 litre tank so 12.1 gallons at 38.5 mpg = 465 miles

6. 55 litres

7. Probably

8. Not sure about that one - try and see!

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Thanks guys, I just filled up and it says 311 miles. I have reset the trip computer as first time I have filled up. My last company car was a Prius so this is a step up, was like driving a milk float lol. Not so many miles to tank as not hybrid, all cars should be hybrid imo!

With respect the presets, what a dumb decision!

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My daily works drive is either a DAF XF 460, or a Mercedes Actros 460 HGV, both have automatic gearboxes with the option of switching into semi automatic using the stalk to change up or down.

I very often use the semi automatic mode as I'm often pulling 20 tonnes plus and the automatic box is tooooo eco friendly, changing up well before you've gained enough speed. The fuelling goes down from about 9 mpg to around 7mpg in this mode, so in a car the sport mode will probably give you less mpg than in normal mode.

Long winded answer I know, sorry 😏

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