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Focus estate electric windows


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Hi Guys

Just bought a 2009 Focus diesel estate and the back windows are manual at present, can anyone advise me if the wiring will already be there in the back doors for the window motors and controls if I buy the guts from a salvage yard ? also will the front drivers door be wired to take a 4 window switch in replacement for the present 2 switch one fitted ?

Thanks a lot for any help I get rather than stripping the door cards off to look on the car itself :-)

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rear window wiring loom is highly unlikely to be fitted.

and its alot of hassle and spare parts needed to do the conversion yourself.

its possible but i wouldnt bother to be honest......

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The standard (front only) electic window system is completely different from the (optional) comfort window system. The standard electric window system is conventionally controlled by relays and switches. The comfort window system is digitally controlled by modules (GEM module/fuse box and door control modules) that communicate over the CANbus system


The standard electric windows (front electric, rear manual) only have the quick down function for the driver door. The driver door switch panel contains a circuitry that is responsible for the quick down function. The windows of this system do not have a pinch protection.

The optional comfort windows (front and rear electric) have the quick down and quick up function for all doors. Next to this the system also supports global opening/global closing by the remote central locking system. All windows of this system do have a pinch protection.

As an exception the MK2.5 Focus ST/RS versions were available with the optional comfort windows for the 3-door version. 


To upgrade the standard electric window system to the comfort window system a lot of parts must be replaced.

* 2x front window motors including the door modules.

* Driver door window/mirror control panel

* Passenger door control switch.

* 2x front door wiring loom.

.* 2x rear window mechanisms including the electric motors and door modules.

* 2x rear door control switch.

* 2x door wiring loom.

* Interior (floor) wiring loom.


Next to installing the parts it will also be necessary to change the configuration of the car to activate CANbus communication between the GEM module/fuse box and the door modules.

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