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MK2.5 Zetec S rear shock absorber


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Does anybody know what rear shock absorbers are fitted to the Zetec S as I need to replace mine. Don't want to buy genuine ford ones, just some good quality aftermarket ones. I have seen some on eBay they are KYB make, does anybody have any experience with these.

Also the part no listed say's nothing about " sports suspension" which I believe my car has. So is the sport suspension referring to the shocks, springs or both. Anyone with a link to some suitable ones would be greatly appreciated. Chris.


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The Ford "Sport Suspension" consist of different springs and different shock absorbers from the "Standard Suspension". Most aftermarket shock absorber manufacturers do only supply 1 type of shock absorber that covers both the "Sport Suspension" and the "Standard Suspension".

KYB (Kayaba) is one of the biggest shock absorber manufacturers worldwide. KYB also manufactures OEM shock absorbers for many car manufacturers. KYB shock absorbers are known for their quality and usually are real good value for money.



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Cheers Wilco, I am probably going to go for KYB's "standard" shocks (343413) as I'm not a speed freak anyway, so the price outways the price of the Ford OEM ones approx £80 each for Ford ones against  approx £50 per pair for the KYB ones.

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