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Ford Focus Warm Starting Issues


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Hi, new to the forum and ford life. I have a 2007 Ford Focus Mk2 1.4 petrol. (205,000km)

But the last couple of days When i drive the car for say 20 mins and stop, and re start the car within an hour of stopping it wont start first time. It cranks fine but wont fire, usually starts on second turn of the key (with help of accelerator). it is also noticeably weaker at cranking when warm. once it fires up it still idles fine and no smell of petrol.

The temperature still shows that the car is normal operating temp when i restart. I have put in new NGK spark plugs also.

It starts up perfectly fine when cold and idles fine. I've googled the issue and have seen several different fixes and causes but none for my model. Given the focus' popularity here has anyone heard of or had this problem?

The car was sitting unused for some time prior to me buying, so could fuel pump/filter be causing low fuel pressure which gets exaggerated when hot?

Also, I have been told that the Camshaft Postion Sensor may be the cause, can anyone tell me where it is located? In my Haynes manual it shows it next to the ignition coil but it is not there!!

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

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2 hours ago, v530anh said:

Any dtc errors? Have you changed the spark plug leads.

Thats the next job alright, as soon as i can source one, my bluetooth elm327 isn't connecting:angry: Do you think spark plug leads could be to blame? 

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