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Which fuses stay on during start stop on MK3


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Hey everyone I've bought a dash cam, it doesn't have an internal battery so it turns off after 15 mins if plugged into cig lighter. However I note that during start stop feature this circuit seems to stay on and isn't interrupted with the engine start stopping. I have tried hard wiring it into f61 (cig lighter) but this then causes it to turn off the dash cam but when in the socket it's fine? I've also tried f85 (heated seats) & f86 (restraints control module) but this does the same. 

So not sure what I can do as there only seems to be no interruption to power when plugging it in via the cable into the cig lighter socket but not when wired directly into the fuse f61.

Anyone help at all? 

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They should all be ignition switched circuits, not engine switched ones.

I have mine wired in to the heated steering (not on the Mk3 PFL), and it keeps running when the engine stops from stop-start.

I would expect heated seats to keep going. Perhaps one of the switched circuits for the audio, or windows?

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