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GEM module disconnecting/reconnecting problems


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Hi, I'm new to this forum, I hope someone can answer this question.

Can I remove the connectors from the GEM and then re-connect them without any problems (ie the car will be just as if I hadn't done anything)?
Do I need to disconnect the battery first?
Is there anything else I need to be careful about?


I have a Focus Mk2 Nov 2009 (59 reg) 1.6 petrol Zetex with GEM type: 7M5T-14A073-CE PJB 040709.

I want to add Cruise Control, but the brown wire (pin 10) and white wire (pin 18) are missing on connector 103 to the GEM module. I can add the wires myself, but I want to check if there are pins on the GEM module itself.

Also, if the pins are there does anyone know if Cruise Control can be enabled on the GEM type 7M5T-14A073-CE PJB 040709?

I would appreciate your comments.
Many thanks!

PS I checked the brake & clutch pedal switches etc and everything else is there. Just the brown & white wires missing!

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I am surprised it hasn't got the wiring to be honest.  This is a feature I would like on mine but I don't think it worth the hassle because of the potential damage caused if you get it wrong could cost a fortune. 

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