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Brand new st3


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Picked up my new fiesta yesterday, how many miles should i put on it to 'run it in' so to speak?? and should i get it serviced/oil change after the first 500 miles or so? or should i just wait and go off the booklet which says every 12 months / 12000 miles.


Thanks for any advice :)

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I ragged mine from day one serviced every 12 months and no ill effects in the 3 years I had it. It's under warranty so just enjoy it.

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100% agree.
Rag it and enjoy it.
That's the run in technique.
Only real caution is to let the engine warm up properly before booting it and allow the turbo to run down properly before switching off.

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Engine damage due to a bad break in might only start affecting an engine 50 odd thousand miles down the road when the walls have had that much wear you need new rings, rebuild etc.

There's no need to rag it all the time. I've always said vary the revs (don't cruise at the same speed to too long). Then don't exceed 3000 or 3500 revs for the first 1000 miles or so.

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I agree with Luke. Varying the revs is very important and don't rev too hard from day 1, building up the revs over the miles. Can't recall exactly what I did, but something like; 3000 revs max for the first 500 miles, then 4000 revs max for the next 250, and then 5000 revs max for the next 250...... then once 1000 miles has been reached, it's foot down all the way :smile:. What I did on the motorway was switch gears every now and then to ensure variable revs on a long run, may cost more in fuel for that journey, but could save far more in the long run

They say you don't really need run a car in nowadays, but an expensive experience with a Renaultsport in the past means I always do now.

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It's the only really the tyres and brakes that need a bit of time to bed in. Gearbox can be a little stiff when new too (but that takes several 1000s to really slicken up)

Engine is not an issue nowadays, obviously still don't rev it high and put it under high load until it's warm.

I just followed what the manual says then did the usual service at 12k/1yr.

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