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Single din in Focus Mk2 - a bit lost


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Hello everyone,

I'd like to change the cd6000 stereo to a single din unit. I don't need the Android-powered double din unit, and I'd be looking to buy something that sounds better and plays MP3 files from a USB stick. bluetooth would be nice, too, and a CD player. There are many options out there so I reckon I will find something that sounds much better than the original unit and doesn't break the bank (any recommendations btw?).

I understand that I will have to purchase a kit that'd allow me to connect everything properly. I've found this:


and it looks ok I guess, however the question I have is related to a simple thing: how will the single din unit stay in place in this? Is there some kind of a metal frame needed to hold it that I'd have to purchase separately? 

Can't find any note of this anywhere (might be just the lack of coffee at this time of the day). 





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