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Street ka roof problems opening/closing

brian read

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Hi all , sorry to be dumb as new to this but just bought a Street KA Softtop and did not get advice on putting roof up/down , Please Please can somebody help by putting a video on to show also the Lever inside Boot as we think thats missing !, basically we try put the roof down manually and there seems to be so much preasure and dont wana make things worse and break it , just need videos advice please , should be simple i know but need help , detailed description please , and its a ford street ka 2004 softtop, thankyou and hope to get replys soon.

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Open both doors or lower both windows slightly. Release both leavers above the windscreen. Stand outside the car and use the small handle on the roof (which is on the inside just over the driver door window) to raise the roof by a few inches. This will cause the rear of the hood to lift up. Get your hand under the rear window and fold up the rear section of the roof as far as it will go making sure the plastic window doesn't crease. You'll need to have the key in the ignition for the next bit and switched to the position just before the starter fires. Press the button on the drivers door pillar (just below the door catch). This releases the hood storage lid. Lift the lid up and then fold the hood, rear window first, down into the storage area. Close the lid by pressing in the centre. This makes sure that both lid catches are engaged. 

Note that the storage lid won't open if the boot is open. Can't remember if the handbrake needs to be engaged too

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Found out by luck, on the boot lock mechanism there is a small plastic connect or in my case colour blue this electrical Checks if the boot is locked correctly, if that is loose or broken it hood button will not work


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