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Think I am going to disconnect my battery to reset car.


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Although I have reset the MPG and the average speed using the controls they are still being pulled down by the driving habits of the last owner I feel.

Think I have a learning gearbox also.

What are the risks?

Tested the radio code already by ejecting the satnav disc so I think I am good to go.:biggrin:

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You will have no problems by doing that .As you have already thought of the main thing is do I have the radio code. Take off battery leave for a good while should be fine afterwards. On my Focus a 2007 ST there is a thing called a Kam fuse ( number 40 something can't remember) that you can pull that will do your reset with out pulling the battery  I am not sure  if yours ( they are both focus )has one might be worth investigating.

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I think I will go for the full disconnect I will only be wondering if I do not.:biggrin:

Found this video about a learning gearbox and my old 2003 Rover had one so I dare say mine will be. As my car actually was driven by a granny for 4 years I think it will be a good idea to wipe what it has learnt. :biggrin:


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Update on my previous post Sorry on the ST (might be different on yours) its fuse F26 this resets the Kam so that the ecu can re learn any learnt settings.You can still take the battery off it amounts to the same thing but with the fuse you don't upset your radio and anything else that might reset. For got to add that by pulling the fuse it also can (not always) get rid of some errors and running and even strange problems

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Finally something I have done to this car has worked!:smile:

Went out last night around the country roads near me,stop starting and going swiftly through the gears and it is a lot smoother.

As it was before I would pull out on a large roundabout and it would go through 3 gears before I was in lane, changing up at 1.8k revs. As lumpy as hell.

It is now holding the gears until 2,8k revs.

The average MPH and the average MPG were reset.

It feels like my car now.:smile:

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