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LS RNS headunit DAB and sat nav problems


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Hi guys,


more apologies if if this has already been covered, I'm very new to this forum! I've not long purchased a focus with a built in head unit I think it's LS RNS sat nav unit?

I'm having two issues, firstly my sat nav doesn't seem to be locating my position correctly, as in when driving down the road, it moves but no where near any roads, very often in the water (I live close to Cardiff bay). Secondly I was wondering if anyone has been able to, if possible, add DAB to these head units? I had one in fiesta centura and miss it big time!!!


any help would be fantastic!


thank you. 

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1st issue sounds like the GPS antenna is faulty (they can fall victim to rust), that's an easy fix for the dealer, or you can get an aftermarket antenna and put it on the dashboard (no more issues with humidity), with the correct (FAKRA) connector obviously.

2nd- unlikely, as Ford never offered a DAB option with the LS:

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Thank you for your reply, I've seen plants of gps antennas on eBay, I fitted one in my previous car (skoda fabia) and was fitted underneath the tip glove box so was concealed. Is there anywhere specific you could recommend to place it? 


Thank you again!!

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