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Not so much a question, more of a sound off! 

Bought my 2010 Focus Zetec Tdci in March and was over the moon to have a car that was scratch, rust and dent free for once! About a month or so after I was on a routine visit to my local detailing supplies shop and the EML came on; now, bare in mind last time I had this light in my life was in the original MK6 fiesta when the ECU went up to electrical heaven as did my investment of £1700 in a car! 

Anyway, so the light was on and I was cacking myself. Thankfully it was still under warranty and I took it straight in to be looked at. After a quick go on the reader, it came back with the DPF couldn't run a regen cycle, so they forced a regent and the car seemed fine... for all of about 15 minutes. So later that week it went back in and they did the same with the same result. Eventually after about 2 months they conceded and decided to fit a new DPF. Again had the car 15 minutes and the light was back to rage me! So, seeing as the car was driving fine I decided not to bother going back. Some weeks later, my brother managed to get rid of the light and the codes ( for ref. Codes were: P2002, P244a, P0001). Later that day after about 50 miles of continuous driving, Light was back and I was getting irate! My girlfriend managed to calm me down and convinced me to take it back. So later that week the car was back in  and they managed to work out but this time it was connecting pipes on either side of the DPF. They have been corroded and therefore sucking diesel the and of the road grime into the DPF. After having the car back for 5 minutes, on my route home the dreaded light came back on, so knowing that they are already shut up shop, I decided to go back following morning.

This time not being so friendly, I demanded that the car was sorted there and then. After a lot of worried faces from the workshop and the sales team, they decided to send me away with a courtesy car and told me the problem would be 100% sorted on that day. I didn't know what to expect but, true to their words and only 3 hours later they phoned to tell me it was done. After all the fuss and trouble with it, all the poking around and new parts the culprit of the problem was the sensor. Now, 2 weeks in, the car seems to be behaving like it should be and the dreaded light has not come back!

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just goes to show , theres many a garage who havent a clue where dpf faults are concerned. i had a spare dpf sensor on standby when ever a dpf fiesta, focus mondeo came in.

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