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Focus 1.0 Turbo Issue


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Hi There

New to this forum, and hoping that someone might be able to shed some light on an issue I'm currently experiencing with my car, or has experienced it themselves.

I own a 1.0 125ps focus, that just of late seems to be lacking power under acceleration. After a short period of getting quickly up to speed, e.g 60/70 mph on a motorway slip road, the engine loses the ability to rev, as if the turbo has stopped working.  Putting your foot to the floor does nothing to stop the issue, and the car really struggles to get up to 3000rpm in any gear.

Stopping the car for 10/15 mins when it happened this afternoon seemed to rectify the issue, but I'm concerned its a sign of an underlying problem.

It's also been noticeably slow at picking up speed between 1500 - 3000rpm for a few weeks now, taking off only when it gets past the 3000rpm mark. I recall it being happy to gain speed across the turbo cut-in range previously, with no noticeable step in power delivery.

The car is on 83,000 miles, and will shortly be going in for a service that may locate the issue, but any ideas of possible causes beforehand would be much appreciated!

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 "and will shortly be going in for a service that may locate the issue". A service is done to a set list of tasks (eg. change oil, change oil filter, check brake pad wear etc). It is very possible that a service would make no difference and would not locate a problem. You would have to request they investigate this in addition to the service and they will probably charge extra for it.

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Getting the car ECU read would be a good start, not all error codes display an error message or warning light on the dash.  Clearly something isn't as it should be although it could be as simple as a blocked fuel filter.

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The Focus MK3/MK3.5 Petrol versions do not have a changeable fuel filter. There is only a strainer (with relative large mesh) mounted at the inlet side of the fuel pump inside the fuel tank. This strainer is part of the fuel pump assembly and not available as a spare part.

Personally I would have this problem solved as soon as possible. Chances are that driving the car with this problem results in a much more serious problem (for example engine damage) in the long term.

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