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Adaptive headlight problem

Ian Nash

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Hi everyone I'm a newbie to this forum, I've had my Ford Focus titanium 05 for just over a year,it has the adaptive headlight system in the first

couple of months I had to replace two dip beam bulbs one each side ok fair enough but recently both headlights drop down a lot and stop following the direction your steering the just stay fixed in the centre. 

Ive read some of your posts about one side dropping and going off line and you had to replace a headlight unit but both of mine do the same and it's really doing my head in, on startup they do their alignment thing and ok for a while and they just drop down really low as if I've rolled down the adjuster wheel all the way to the lowest setting and the light doesn't even hit the car in front of me .

any ideas would be gratefully received thanks.               

                                                                                      The newbie

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Sounds like a fault with the motor. You may find codes stored in the car using a OBD2 reader like Forscan.

I know with 2015 when one of my motors failed it popped a code in the system.

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Thanks Andy , I thought it might be the control module because both headlights do the same at the same time but I'll check that out thanks

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