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Coolant loss


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Morning peeps 

Had timiing belt and waterpump replaced 2 months ago but pump is leaking from what i can tell - tank level dropping bit by bit over a the space of few days and wet patches on top of bottom engine cover.

But before i take it back to ford i'd like to know the implications with regards to the timing belt , eg

Will it have to come off again to reseal the pump ?

Is there any risk with refitting the existing belt again ?

Not looking forward to dealing with the dealership again as theyve made a hash of the job from the get go.


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Officially on the 1.4/1.6 Duratec Petrol engine the timing belt does not have to be removed to change the waterpump. After removing the timing belt tensioner the water pump can be removed from the engine.

However when removing the water pump there will be leaking some coolant out of the engine. This can not be avoided. Care must be taken that the leaking coolant does not come in contact with the timing belt. The coolant can cause the material of the timing belt to deteriorate prematurely which can cause premature timing belt failure. If contaminated with coolant the timing belt officially has to be replaced. 

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Thanks for the info Wilco.

But i'd bet my last dollar that the dealership will not replace the timing belt to avoid risk of chemical contamination , they will simply bank on it lasting at least another year so as to avoid any expense to them , after which time a bust cambelt will be outside the warranty period and squarely my problem.

Seriously , i wouldnt trust these ham fisted oafs to service a roller skate , God only knows how they managed to get an official franchise from Ford.

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