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Central Locking acting up (weird noises)?


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I have a weird thing happening recently on my Mk2 and wonder if it anyone else has noticed something similar.  Basically, everything is ok opening up and starting the engine, but then I randomly get noises as if the central locking activates and disactivates on its own as I am driving.  I don't think the doors actually lock, but just make the noise a few times as if they are (the noise you get when you press the remote locking button), and this usually happens soon after starting the engine and pulling away, but this morning it happened after about half an hour of driving as I arrived at work.  Sometimes it doesn't happen at all.

All this does not affect the way the car drives or anything, but just wondering if this might be an early warning of a problem developing, and one day I won't be able to get into the car or something.  Anyone had anything like this before or any ideas what it could be? 

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I'm not totally sure if this is the same but on my Mk2 Focus  2007 ST the central locking will self lock on traveling at a certain MPH about 15 I think. This can be switched on or via the OBD port with one of those ELM devices. If this is what it is and I think its a good possibility it is  then its perfectly normal and correct it if annoys you then you can  have it switched off the ELM cable  needed are very cheep and you can do it yourself via your laptop and free download I think its called Forscan some one will be able to tell you here the correct software to download as I forget the correct name. I think

TDCI-Peter would be a good one to ask on here

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Thanks for that, but I don't think it is the same thing - it has only recently started doing this, and when it happens it does it multiple times without actually locking the doors (just the noise).

Thinking about it some more, I wonder if maybe some water has got into the door panel and is playing havoc with the electricals in there?

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So II guess no one else has had this issue?  

I can live with it for now and will just monitor it to see if it develops into something more worrying.

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