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MK2 focus immobilizer help


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I have a 55reg 2006 MK2 focus 1.6 petrol

Ive had to change the start relay as it failed so I put a new one in and the car doesn't start

Immobilizer light flashes and the dials light up 

Millage is dotted line 

I have no knowledge about electrics 

Looked at fuses none are faulty 

I don't where to start 

I have no diagnostic equipment 



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 From what you say  It looks like you may have a  dail instrument  cluster fault, quite common on the Mk2.If you are good with a soldering iron you may be able to resloder the joints around the main plug/conector if not .look on the net for cluster repairs there are a few on there or get a friend who can solder well to do it for you ie a Radio ham or tv  repair technition .But before that check any stored codes with a code reader that may point you in the right direction to the cluster.And yes it will affect the Immobilizer.Unfortunataly if you get a secondhand cluster from eBay it still wont work as you will still need to get it programed to the car (dam modern cars) because of the codes stored in the  new cluster will be different, it wount talk to the car.

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