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Glove box fuse box


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Hi all

Thinking of hard wiring a dash cam to the fuse box behind the glove box.

My Fiesta is the new Mk 8 and the manual says lower the glove box by pressing the sides in. Having done this there is no fuse box behind it.

Contacted my local Ford agent who looked at there display car and confirmed there was no fuse box in theirs. They also checked the cubby hole on the drivers side, not in there either.

Anyone any idea where this supposed glove box fuse box is on the Mk 8.


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Hi iantt

If as you say it is definatly behind the glove box can you look at these pictures and point me in the right direction to where it is.


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See in your 'top' picture how all those wires go behind a panel........can that panel be removed? The Ford owners manual states the fusebox is behind the glove compartment!

try also looking upwards from the footwell in case the box lies horizontally with a cover over it.

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Thanks Russ. If you look at the timings from my update thread I found it about the same time as your reply. Correct it is in the footwell. I still wonder how many people are going to get caught out with this.

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In the Mondeo Mk5 it is behind a panel in the passenger footwell just below and behind the glovebox. The glovebox does not need to be removed to access it but it is quite a long way back

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