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Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates


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Any idea if there are map updates available for Sync 3 navigation ?  If so how much does it cost ?

I understand Ford use Here for nav data and there are options to buy updates direct. However, it appears updates for ford are only available from Ford.

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21 hours ago, Stoney871 said:

Doesn't Sync3 have a wifi update capability?

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The Sync 3 system receive updates via Wifi but, apparently, this does not apply to  nav map data.

I suspect it's via a USB but unlike some other car brands that can be purchased from HERE (https://here.navigation.com/europe/) it seems its only available from Ford.


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Currently there are no new maps for SYNC 3. The SYNC 3 map data that is currently factory installed is outdated. It uses a 2014 base map. There are a lot of complaints about this subject. in some countries some people even received a partial refund because of non conformity and Ford was not able to solve it within reasonable time.

Based on several sources Ford is currently developing the new map data and a way to distribute the update. Official Ford communication stated that the update should be available within a dew months and that it needs to be installed from USB. Whether this update can be installed by the owner from a USB drive or only can be installed by a Ford dealer is still unknown.

Some official sources say that the map updates will be free of charge for the first 7 Years. However this is not officially confirmed and I do not know if this applies to all countries or only certain countries.

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